RISPERDAL CONSTA® significantly delayed time to relapse to a mood episode (mania, hypomania, mixed, depression)* as monotherapy vs placebo (P<0.001)1,2

*The study was not powered to draw conclusions for relapse between individual mood states (mania, hypomania, mixed, depression). The majority of relapses were due to manic rather than depressive symptoms.

RISPERDAL CONSTA® is the first FDA-approved, long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotic indicated for the maintenance treatment of Bipolar I Disorder as monotherapy.

RISPERDAL CONSTA® helps provide predictability†‡ for more of your adult patients with Bipolar I Disorder when administered every 2 weeks.1-3

Based on pharmacokinetic properties/plasma concentrations.

While no medication can guarantee adherence, using a long-acting, professionally administered medication can help you recognize a missed dose and intervene.

Maybe it’s time to offer your patients the choice of RISPERDAL CONSTA®.

Depending on your patient’s treatment plan, he or she may benefit from RISPERDAL CONSTA® as adjunctive therapy instead.